My 1st Blog!

Thank you for visiting my website! This is my first blog. Don't worry I'll have much more to say later on. I'm just getting things started....

I moved to Sherman Oaks last September after spending a majority of my life in Ventura County. I've been a Stand Up Comedian for over 11 years, but this is my first year in LA. Things are different in Hollywood, but I'm navigating my way in the big city while finding my footing and making new friends. 

I run my own Social Media Business during the day, but at night I perform Stand Up Comedy. For me being a comic and a business owner is a delicate balance between serving yourself, and serving clients that pay you. Artists have to juggle their work, art and relationships constantly. For me personally I'm torn between getting a full time job working for someone else, or working for myself full time. Its the Ying-Yang of creative people. We have to do work that we don't want to do in so that one day we can make a living doing what we love. When and where these scales tip is up to the Artist.

For me personally I've lost so much time and money producing comedy shows over the past 11 years. "Its an investment," my comedy friends will tell me, which is true. So many of us work very hard to perfect our craft but we remain broke. Especially in Southern California were the average rent for a single room is $1,250 a month! But we're here, working, grinding, and having fun while we do it. 

Thank you for reading, I will continue to publish posts every week!

- Jeff Urrea